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Do you know what should be the normal pulse rate? I remember before during my last Physical Exam. My pulse rate runs too fast. The doctor suspected that I might have heart problem , so I was instructed to have some other test. But then the result was all fine. Yet yes my pulse rate is still abnormal… It is faster than normal. The next thing : the doctor told me to try counting my pulse rate when I am home. I also told her that I am afraid of doctors hahaha… my heart beats too fast when seeing nurse or doctor… whoaaaaaa! So, she told me to try it at home.

Then, yes my pulse rate when super relax is in normal range. Checking your pulse rate may differs in different situation. Check out the normal counting here.

. Between 60 to 80 per minute – is the normal pulse rate for humans, while restling.
.60 per minute = for well-comditioned athletes.
.40 beats per minute = while we are sleeping
.150 to 200 beats per minute = for those who are exercising

My rate folks goes to almost 100 hahaha… but I am really tensed.

How to Take Pulse Rate?

Measuring your own pulse is not at all a difficult task. As we mentioned earlier, it’s easy to feel the pulse at a few places, such as the wrist and the neck of the body. You just have to place the tip of your index, middle or ring finger on one of these spots, and press lightly until you feel the blood pulsating beneath the finger. If you have trouble finding the pulse, you may have to move the fingertip around the area till you locate it. Once you find it, count the beats for 15 seconds, and multiply the count by 4. This will determine your pulse rate for a minute. For instance, if you get 18 beats in 15 seconds, multiply 18 by 4 (18 x 4 = 72). This means your heart rate is 72 beats per minute.

A pulse rate exceeding 95 beats per minute, when the individual is at rest, is considered as abnormal. A high pulse rate is an indication of some abnormality in our body. Faster heart rate can occur due to several reasons, including fever and anxiety.

How about you guys have you tried to check yours?