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I belong to a musician family. We love music an in fact we have 3 or more guitars here at home. My sisters has a gift of singing and can play guitar but unfortunately not me! I just like to hear them strumming on! My sister want to buy a new guitar for her upcoming birthday. She told me to check online which one is best. As of tonight, I found out this model seagull s6 cw, I am pretty sure she will gonna love this one.

Part of my research, I also encounter reviews about this guitar. It says that Seagull guitar are comfort, sound and stability. And this guitar has a very comfortable slim neck which is beneficially in reducing fatigue. So promising indeed!

Seagull creates tremendously distinctive head stocks. The neck is a solitary portion of mahogany or silver leaf wood that is cut at a forty five degree angle and the head stock is glued back on with the grain reversed. This ensures that the neck of the guitar provides utmost ease and stability.

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