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During our get together yesterday at school all my mates bring different gadgets like laptop, camera, MP3 , Iphone, Ipod , guitar , casette and more! It was really fun and memorable! One of them showed her new Ipod that her husband gave to her with matching complete Ipod accessories. Ipod is really cool but I cannot afford to buy for now.

For those who has Ipod and looking for cool and affordable accessories just check online and get what you want ! My sister is planning to buy Ipod so I can recommend her the page that I found online where all accessories are available!

I want to have my own iPod. I am not much music lover but then I started to like music now. I actually have listed my favorite music in a pad. I am just so unlucky that my phone is still in repair now, I can use it for music also. But iPod is more nice and trendy right? I saw many affordable ipods online now and they are what I am looking for. We know that ipods has been in market long time ago but I still don’t have one. I am always late when it comes to gadget. I want to buy when they are cheap and affordable. Maybe it is time!!!