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I was in an electronic store today. My classmate bought USB memory stick. I was roaming around while she was busy checking out the prices. I found 3 or more body massage stuff there and what a reasonable price compared to the one I saw in Oslo last Saturday. I supposed to buy that one in Oslo but I think twice and decided not. Take note they are exactly the same machine, same name and brand. So what a luck! Right?

I want to have that machine because my body is always stiff and feeling so tired specially my back. But upon checking at dream essential website tonight, I found out much more interesting stuff for relaxing like: Therapeutic Body Wraps, Therapeutic Eye Masks, Ear plugs plus noise and sound machines like: sound therapy system , SleepMate Sound Conditioner. What a complete page from body relaxing solution down to noise machine that can help your sleeping mode. So what a smart decision I made last week not to buy the expensive massage tool. So now, I have an option online and in the nearest store here!