What A Nice Bonding Day!

Earlier today, I went to a friend house together with one of my best mate. We are all three and we had a very good time together. My friend are from Iraq and Ethopia both are so lovely and good friend. We shared many things about our schooling and we ate food that was perfect and delicious! I am so lucky to have them as my friend. In fairness during our meeting we speak much Norsk haha… we decided to try out speaking , we three are in the same level when it comes to speaking Norwegian language. So, it was very good meeting and exercising language in Norwegian.

We also had fun watching TV and eating some chocolate from Sweden. So, perfect day and looking forward for more bonding time together with them. Thanks N & T.

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  1. Regularly I do not make comments on blogs, but I have to mention that this post really forced me to do so. Really fantastic post.

  2. First-Class, thanks for sharing this info. Looks great on my iPhone, but on the Blackberry Pearl’s browser your site comes out a little erratic.

  3. I like that you go straight to the point in your latest posts, appreciate!

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