Sitemap I am so happy that GOD provides wisdom for me. I am into I.T course now and I it is a challenge for me , the class is not in English languge it is Norwegian language but I want to try and I know that from that class I will learn a lot. Aside from language , my computer skills will be renewed.

Last week we had our first Module exam and guess what I got one mistake out of 36 questionaire. I was so overwhelmed. Yesterday and today I did two test , it is module 3 and 4 and I made it again. So happy and thankful that GOD provide the wisdom that I need.

Some of my mates did not take the exam just because they are afraid to failed but for me, just try and try no matter what. As they said there is no harm in trying.

Anyway, I am a bit tired tonight. Just want to share the blessings that I got from my schooling. Wishing everyone a good night and enjoy the rest of the evening!