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Bc Bloggers 3

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Finally Landing at WP

Hey, finally guys I am trying to learn about WP. This is my other site hooked here at WP hosted by Ruby. Thanks ate Rubz, for the nice package deal promo.  Anyway, I am still trying to understand each and every tool. But my site will go on and finally launched.

Worrying In Many Ways

I am just thinking of many worries for myself now. April brings good and bad month for me. I want to relax and to feel comfortable in many ways. I am so vulnerable woman. Hope that I manage to be myself and calm. I don’t want to think of things that are beyond expectation.

Anyway, I am keeping updates for my blogs. I want to explore more and more!

First Walking In The Snow Field

Oh boy! My first exposure in the snow world. We just had a short walk today in the golf field. That was nice but i am freezing to a cold winter day. Remember that i used to be in a very humid country and now i am in a very cold one.

Hope my body can survive. Good to have proper exercise. This time i can go walking with my husband everyday. I just hope everyday the weather is good.

Walking is a very good exercise.

Thanks For The Safe Travel

Finally i am home here in Norway. It is very cold and very nice country. My dream place came true with my dearest husband and family. I will surely adjust for more, from culture, environment and everything sorrounds.

All i need now is to be myself.

Bounding To Norway

Hey i am back now and getting ready for Norway travel. Yes! this is it! Well, time for me to be with my husband after long waiting. Got my ticket from KLM airlines. Hope for the best for my 1st international travelling and take note i am alone with this journey.
I just hope that i will not be late to the airport, i can relax before take off. Another thing i will not bring my cellphone so i am totally empty for communication. So GOD help me!

Last Minute Shopping

Huh! I am the buzzer beater shopper! I just finshed buying stuff for my trip tomorrow. I am super dead tired and exhausted. I don’t really know what to buy for my relatives. Hope they will gonna like simple stuff like:

1.)Make-up kit (for my aunties and cousins)
2.)Wallet (for my dad)
3.)T-Shirts (for my uncles)
4.)Sun glass (for my aunt)
5.)Toys (for my sister and nephew)

Head to off folks, i need sleep my flight is tomorrow morning. Hope for the good weather. It’s been raining from the past days until yesterday. Many of the local flights asre cancelled due to bad weather. Hope for the best!

Ready For Bohol Trip

On January 15, my flight schedule to Bohol. I am excited but a bit sad because i will be saying goodbye to my family. My schedule for Norway is now on plan. After my vacation there i will get back here in Manila and prepare and get ticket for my Norway trip via KLM airliness.
Well, this is the reality and I must have to be with them for a short period of time. Good i got a good deal from Zest Air they are on promo. I got Php 3,060 back and forth ticket fare. I need more extra money for stuff and will give some to my parents and siblings.

Will be off for a week in blogging. No net connection in Bohol. I don’t have time to visit a cafe as I will be occupied by my family.

Welcome 2010

2009 was a very good year for me. Many things happened bad and good but all is well. Thanks GOD for the year and now 2010 comes. I am praying for a blessful and wonderful year will shower along my way and my family.
I am sure their will be many trials but GOD is in control of everything. So GOD take control of everything. I am looking forward for more opportunity online and a good start for my online business.

Heading For Work Resignation

My final office work will be on January 15, 2010. I will be finally signing off from 12.5 years of being loyal ang committed to one company since i graduated from college. Looking forward to have a bit rest, before going to visit my family in province for one week.

For now, i am busy for work turn over and users training.