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You’ve Got A Mail !

Here we go! Today, I got a mail from my Norsk School about my schedule after summer. Guess what! I will be going to go to school everyday…lol! Whatta schedule. But this is really good because going to school everday is much worth than only 2 days a week and only 3 hours per session.

August 19, will be class opening again. Sad that my former teacher will not be my teacher this August. I love the way she teach and she is also a bit jolly not boring! By August I will be having two teachers, my class will start too early also… 8.30 in the monring til 11.45 Monday to Friday , still 3 hours per session. Good that it is not whole day class.

I am looking forward for more and more learning after summer. Anyway, blogging must go on hahaha…

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